Our Mission: To help you focus on YOUR mission rather than worrying about technology.

Our definition of success is simple – we teach you how to use technology to effectively further your organization’s mission and then you do it. Effectively, we want to work ourselves out of a job! Think of it as the “teach a man to fish” model applied to technology use by nonprofit organizations.

Through our work, we’ve seen the important role small- and medium-sized nonprofits play in building and maintaining the health of communities. We’ve also seen how difficult it can be for nonprofits with small staffs or short histories to progress to the next level. We target this type of organization since we’ve seen how big their impact can be, and focus on the areas that will help them make the greatest impact.

At Nonprofit R+D we specialize in the follow areas:

  • Online fundraising and communication
  • Website development
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Grant research and writing
  • Evaluation
  • Training
  • Technological support and assistance
  • Speaking at events

We help emerging nonprofits in these areas through Online Trainings, Presentations and Workshops, as well as direct Consulting engagements.


Online Training:

Our most recent work has been focusing on the power of online training programs.  We have found that small to medium sized nonprofits usually do not have the funds or resources to hire expensive consultants and work with them one on one.  We have also found that much of the “help” that these organizations need is covering the basics and building a strong foundation.

With this in mine we are developing a number of online courses designed to get these organizations going in the right direction and maximizing their success and return on investment.  Our first course, the Online Fundraising Bootcamp, helps nonprofits to build highly successful fundraising campaigns by taking them step by step through the entire process.  By the end of the Online Fundraising Bootcamp, organizations will have a clear sense of the tools available, great ideas for launching or improving your efforts, and a solid plan for your organization’s next steps so you can pump up your online fundraising quickly and efficiently.

We are also currently developing other courses and will be launching those soon.


Presentations and Workshops:

Nonprofit R+D offers, and has presented on, a wide range of speaking topics including online fundraising, email marketing, mobile marketing, grant research and writing, evaluation, and many more.

We have presenting at regional, national and international conferences including the 2012 Association of Fundraising Professionals International Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

All presentations and workshops are customized to your needs and your audience.  If you are interested in having us speak at an upcoming event, please contact us to discuss your needs.



Need more assistance or extra support with your online projects?

At this time, we are working directly with a very limited number of clients since our focus is on launching and growing the training and membership aspects of Nonprofit R+D.  We recommend most organizations begin with some of our training options and then we can discuss whether or not you need further support and direct consulting.  We have found that many organizations begin a consulting relationship before they fully understand their needs.  By focusing first on training, you will have a much better idea of what help you really need and end up saving quite a bit of time and money in the long run.

If you are interested in discussing the option of working directly with us, or having us speak at an event, please complete the contact form and we can schedule a time to discuss your needs further.