What Our Customers Say

With the Online Fundraising Bootcamp, we were able to determine where we need to be and were given a road map to help us get there through the Fundraising Campaign Workbook.

Everything you need to be a more effective fundraiser is outlined with specific examples to get your mind thinking in the right direction about how these fundraising skills can work for your organization and benefit those you serve.

– Tressie Seegers - The Austin Harmony Project

I attended Richard Dietz’s Online Fundraising workshop and it was a very well spent 4 hours.

Sometimes you go to training’s and leave thinking “that was a waste of time.” But this time was different–I learned a lot of information based off of up-to-date research and was able to implement these ideas almost immediately.

– Kassi Darakhshan, MSW - Hostelling International-Southwest Texas Council

 Thank you Richard for making it easy and in plain language to follow, without feeling like I need a degree in the field of computer science. Without your patience and guidance I don’t think I would have been able to get our donation campaigns off the ground.

– Heather Scott - Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg