Tax on IE7 Users – Great Idea!

As many of you probably know, I am not a big fan of Internet Explorer.. especially the older versions like IE7. I have been heard to say that if I found a magic genie in a bottle and was granted 3 wishes that one of them would be to kill off Internet Explorer!

Why such a strong stance against IE? If you have done any web development and tried to get Internet Explorer to display your website the same as other modern browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), then you will know what I am talking about. You have to spend hours and hours with CSS hacks and extra coding to get IE to behave.. it can get very frustrating and worse can turn a project into a total nightmare.

So this is why I was so happy to see what an Australian website ( was starting to do. If you try to checkout on their website using IE7 you are given a “tax notice”. Basically, they are going to charge you a 6.8% tax for using IE7 because it costs them more time and money to make their site work in IE7. If you don’t want the tax you just have to use a “better browser” as they say it.

Retailer ‘Taxes‘ Customers Still Using Internet Explorer 7
Wired News
Here’s how the tax will work according the Kogan’s blog: “From today, anyone buying from the site who uses IE7 will be lumped with a 6.8% surcharge — that’s
…More at Retailer ‘Taxes’ Customers Still Using Internet Explorer 7 – Wired News

And this is not the first instance of anti-IE behavior I have seen. A startup called 4ormat, an online portfolio website, simply does not support Internet Explorer at all. If you try and use IE the site will not work and you are told to go download a modern browser, again safari, chrome or firefox.

The company reported that they have saved over $100k by ditching support for IE.

Skip Internet Explorer for Web Dev. Save $100000 (blog)
“To save more than $100000, 4ormat decided to skip Internet Explorer, opting to only allow users to access its service through Mozilla’s Firefox and Google
…More at Skip Internet Explorer for Web Dev. Save $100000 – (blog)
I for one would like to see more of this. As a result it may push IE to a much smaller market share or force Microsoft to clean up their act and make their browser work like all the others.


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What do you think about the anti-IE programs? Do you still use Internet Explorer? If so, why not try a modern browser and see what the difference is.




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