Out of Office over the Holidays? Put these 3 “workers” on the job.

Planning some time “out of the office” for the holidays, but worried about your End of Year campaign hitting your goals? If so, then you should put these three “workers” on the job while you are enjoying a warm fire and eggnog.  

These workers are free, never miss a day of work, and they don’t complain about working over the holiday break!

At first glance this sounds too good to be true, but of course we are not talking about people or employees.  We are talking about using technology and automation to do your work for you while you are enjoying your time off.

Here are the three “workers” you should be setting up right now:

1. Pre-scheduled Emails
Just because you are not going to be in the office and want to take some time off, does not mean you can’t be sending out emails.  Simply use your email marketing programs “pre-scheduled email” feature. Any good email marketing program will have this feature (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.).  You just write the emails as you normally would and then set the date and time you want it to be sent.  Simple as can be.

You can even do this with your social media posts if you use a tool like Buffer.

And remember, just because you and most of your donors are not in the office does NOT mean they are not checking email or social media. Everyone is looking for a short break from Uncle Ricky  😉

2. Homepage Hijack
The “homepage hijack” is a simple yet powerful technique to get maximum exposure of your End of Year campaign.  In it’s most basic set up, you simply replace your normal homepage content with information about your End of Year campaign.

If you really want to get folks attention though you might want to try taking the “hijack” part a bit further.  Why not remove that pretty looking slider on your homepage (it is not working anyways) and replace it with a photo and short story about why folks should pay attention to your End of Year campaign.  

The goal of this technique is to get their attention and pull them into your campaign.  So starting a story with a link to “read more” may be more effective then just asking them to donate right on the homepage. Of course, that is a great thing to test both ways right?

3. Out of Office Messages

How many “out of office” messages do you think your email program sends out over the holidays?  100’s? Thousands?  

Most folks put short message in their out of office saying they are out and when they will return.  This may be helpful, but it’s not doing all it can.

Why not put a short note in there to check out your End of Year campaign?  Again, imagine all of the emails that will automatically be sent out with links back to your campaign… and most of them will be opened.

Remember, just like the Homepage Hijack, don’t just ask them to donate in your out of office message.  Ask them to check out your latest success story, get them engaged first, and then on that page you can ask them to support the campaign.


There you have it.  3 simple strategies to help you get more attention for your campaign.. while you are relaxing and enjoying the holidays. Now get to work deploying them!

So, what do you think?  Have you tried any of these strategies while you were out of the office?  Let us know in the comments, we always love to hear what’s working and not working out there.


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About Rich Dietz

Rich Dietz has spent his entire career working both in and with a wide variety of nonprofit, political and government organizations as well as technology companies focused on the nonprofit sector including Sage Nonprofit, Convio and KIMBIA. It is this unique background and experience – working directly in nonprofit organizations AND working on the technology side – that allows him to better understand and assist nonprofit organizations with their technology needs. Richard holds a M.S.W. from the University of California – Berkeley as well as a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA.

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