OFB Session at Greenlights – March 6, 2013

OFB-Title-slideHere are all the downloads I mentioned in the session today.  Please let me know if I missed anything or you would like to see something else added from the presentation.

I really hope the workshop was helpful for everyone and if it was you might want to think about attending the next session I have at Greenlights:

Beyond the Donate Button: Fundraising Best Practices in the Digital Age

It has some of the same content from my session this year at the Texas Nonprofit Summit, but have updated some of the content and added in sections for online video, mobile and more.

As always, please let me know if you have any follow up questions or if you wanted to schedule a free consultation to talk about your organizations needs, etc. 

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Good luck in your fundraising!



OFB-Greenlights-6per (6 slides per page)
OFB-Greenlights-2per (2 slides per page)

Web Design Questions
Fundraising Campaign Workbook (PDF)
CampaignPlanningWorksheet (Editable Word Doc)
EmailTemplates (Editable Word Doc)

 Sage Fundraising Online – Greenlights Member Benefit