Greenlights – Beyond the Donate Button

Greenlights-MayThank you so much for attending the session at Greenlights.  I really hope the workshop was helpful for everyone and you were able to walk away with some actionable ideas.  Remember.. its all about taking action!

Here are all the downloads I mentioned in the session today.  They include the slides as well as some other resources to help you with your online fundraising.  Many of the materials are part of the Online Fundraising Bootcamp course I mentioned.  If you would like a free registration for the course just email me and let me know you are interested and I can send you the secret link to sign up.

Please let me know if I missed anything or you would like to see something else added from the presentation.

As always, please let me know if you have any follow up questions or if you wanted to schedule a free consultation to talk about your organizations needs, etc.

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Good luck in your fundraising!


 Free Access to Online Fundraising Bootcamp
Email me for access –
(I want to make sure you really want it and will take action  😉

Beyond the Donate Button – Full page
Beyond the Donate Button – 4 per page

Other Materials (From Online Course)
Web Design Questions
Fundraising Campaign Workbook (PDF)
CampaignPlanningWorksheet (Editable Word Doc)
EmailTemplates (Editable Word Doc)

 Abila Fundraising Online – Greenlights Member Benefit
(Feel free to email me if you have more questions about AFO,
I do a lot of work with Abila and can answer most questions)

Webinar – 14 Things Your Website Needs in 2014

This is the website best practices webinar I mentioned during the training.
Seems like many folks wanted this info covered but we did not have time so I have included
it here as a special bonus.

Download Slides – 1 per page

Recording – Website Best Practices
(Lost video for bit at around 21:00 but e get it back on track about 24:30)